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I am so excited to welcome you to The Writer’s Utopia. We’ve taken our online series, Penned The Writer’s Utopia, and expanded it to include everyday encouragement for faith-based writers, new and old, looking to pour out their stories and testimonies.

For many, the thought of writing a book for the first time, let alone telling your story, can seem like an impossible feat. You may find yourself like Gideon, asking Yahweh to confirm multiple times that you heard him correctly. But have no fear. Know that if Yahweh said to write the book, he will provide you with everything you need. Maybe he’s telling you to start a blog and share your story. Whatever it is, know that he will provide all of the necessary resources needed to complete the task.

The Writer’s Utopia is here as one of those resources. Here you will find tips for writing and encouragement for your soul during this process. So, don’t delay. Be sure to follow and subscribe, so you don’t miss a beat. Welcome to the Writer’s Utopia. Let the writing journey begin.

T Lynn Tate