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For years I knew God had called me to write a book, but I kept putting it off. My first response was, “Well, I don’t even know what to write about.” Then it turned into, “I know I have a book to write, but I don’t have time between work and family. I just need to be able to quit my job and sustain myself as a full-time writer. Then I can write the book.” Yeap, that’s what I said. And let’s not forget the classic excuse, “I mean, I don’t even know how to write a book or even get started.”

The bottom line was I was looking for the perfect set of circumstances to make me feel better about the uncomfortable thing God told me to do. Then, one day as I moved about my day, I heard Yahweh say, “I’m not looking for your perfection. I just want your obedience.” Wowzers! So, what would be my excuse now?

When God calls us to do something that makes us uncomfortable or that we feel unworthy or unqualified for, we tend to put it off and find every reason possible not to do what God said. But today, no more excuses!

Who cares if you’ve never written a book before? So what if this is not your usual medium for writing. Noah had never seen rain or built a humongous boat before God’s prompting, but he was obedient and started anyway. God had already lined up the provisions for what Noah needed, and he guided Noah throughout the entire process. And, he’ll do the same for you.

I don’t know what’s been your reason or excuse for not writing the book as God has directed. If God said now is the time to write the book, then know he already knows your skillset and what you need, and he will provide. But first, you have to be obedient and start the process. People are waiting and need your story and testimony for where they are in life. God is not asking you to be perfect at it. He simply wants you to be obedient and get started. How much longer will you make him wait?

I hope today’s word has encouraged you. Now, go write something great!

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