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While success has a specific definition according to the dictionary, in everyday life, the definition varies based on an individual’s point of view. After finding my stride as a writer and speaker, book sales, likes & shares, and brand popularity were my measures of success. I spent so much time posting and scrolling through social media cross comparing my brand with others I didn’t have time for much else. Sadly, these measures caused me to partake in a constant cycle of overthinking, self-sabotage, and feeling inadequate.

Earlier this year, Yahweh spoke to my heart and had me assess my definition of success. He reminded me of a time when I was leading a women’s bible study group at one of my old jobs. The group was held weekly during lunch. In the beginning, attendance was high, but as the weeks went on and workloads changed, attendance fluctuated. There were days when only one person showed up.

I remembered feeling discouraged and unsuccessful, and for a moment wanted to quit, but then Yahweh sent me a great piece of wisdom through a friend. They told me to show up and teach every class as if I were doing it unto Yahweh. It didn’t matter how many people were in the room. Whoever showed up was who the message would be for, even if the person was me. It wasn’t about the number of people in the room. It was about whether or not I had done what Yahweh told me to do and if at least one person got what they needed at that moment.

I have come to understand that my success is based on my obedience to Yahweh’s will and path for my life. If I stick to His plan and directions, I will be aligned to help and pour into those who need the wisdom and expertise I am purposed to share. It is not about the numbers but the fulfilled assignment. So tell me, what’s your measure of success?

I hope today’s word has encouraged you. Now go write something great!

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