Word of Encouragement – Oil

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Today’s word serves as a friendly reminder that the Oil will not flow until you align with Yah’s will. Facts! When Samuel went to Jesse’s home to anoint the new King. The anointing could not be placed on any of Davids’s brothers because Yah’s will and plan was for David to be the new King.

We keep presenting all of our plans to Yah looking for him to bless them, but not one time have we stopped and asked Yah what His will is. Yah already has a plan for your life, and until you surrender, submit, and align with His will, the oil (anointing) will not flow. You’ll keep spinning your wheels but won’t be going nowhere. How do I know? Well, up until about a year and a half ago I was spinning my wheels too. But the moment I stopped and began to surrender my will for Yah’s will, life began to change for me and the oil started flowing. The more I aligned with what Yah wanted me to do, the more the oil flowed.

Today, put your plans aside and seek Yah for His will and plan for your life and watch the shift that takes place.

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