In 2016, founder, Tequika Tate, decided to explore a more natural and holistic lifestyle. She had no idea of the amazing community that awaited her. As she began to walk out this path, she met and connected with others who were either seeking or already living this lifestyle. One of whom introduced her to Kombucha. Her new found friend began to tell her all about its health benefits, and insisted that she try it. 

As Tequika sat in her friend’s kitchen, sipping on this nice cold glass of lightly sweet, tart, beer bubbly goodness, she fell in love… with Kombucha. Her friend went a step further and gifted her a SCOBY to start her first batch. Tequika too began making Kombucha and shared it with friends and family out of love as well. The only difference was they didn’t want to learn how to make it, they wanted to pay her to do it, and so she did. What she once shared with her friends and family has now grown into a full brand, allowing her to now share the love with the world.

For those seeking a healthy change without the sacrifice of flavor, Qui 2 Life provides healthy alternatives that are tantalizing to your mind, body and soul, because everything we do is purposed holistically with love.

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