Abraham L. Henderson Sr.

I Am Abraham
My Story, My Truth, & My Redemption

I Am Abraham is the story of Abraham L. Henderson, who was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to gospel singer William Henderson and his wife, Dorothy Henderson. Once divorced, William left the family, leaving young Abraham and his siblings, Gwen, and Bill, to be raised by their mother in the Pittsburgh area. After being teased about his name on the first day of school, Abraham finds himself in a downward spiral of anger and self-hate. Determined to change his name, Abraham turns to the streets of Pittsburgh to reinvent himself as Lee, the character that everyone seemed to love. However, when a fight lands him in juvenile jail indefinitely, Abraham is left to re-think his choices and path for life.

After finding favor with the parole board and winning his freedom, Abraham is given another chance at life. But the new lease only led him back to a long-term stint in street life. As Abraham rolls into adulthood, he finds himself caught between the life he has known as a drug dealer and the constant call of God on his life. The struggle becomes even more real after one sample of the hottest new drug becomes his new addiction. With his marriage, family, and life now turned upside down, Abraham is left to contend for his faith, life, and redemption.

About The Author

Abraham Lee Henderson, Sr., is a speaker and the Alumni President of the Northern Virginia Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center.

Abraham was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to gospel singer William Henderson and his wife, Dorothy Henderson. Growing up, Abraham faced many challenges in school and, at times, did not see formal education as a part of his future. But he preserved and obtained his high school diploma from Wilkinsburg High School. Shortly after high school, Abraham married his high school girlfriend and had two sons, Abraham Jr. and Chris.

As Abraham searched for ways to improve his circumstances, he discovered a love for drawing and photography. Not long after, he enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, which led him to start a photography business, Precious Memories, with his neighbor and friend, Otis Carswell.

In 1985, Abraham was looking for a change and moved to Virginia, where he established a home improvement business. A few years later, he met and began a life with his current wife, Sheryl “Peaches” Henderson. After a few years of battling drug addiction, Abraham sought help and refuge at the Salvation Army Rehabilitation program in Northern Virginia. There he met Major Michael Vincent, who served as a mentor and confidant to Abraham, and still does even to this day.

After graduating from the Salvation Army Rehabilitation program and overcoming drug addiction, Abraham was appointed President of the Alumni Association for the Northern Virginia Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center. He continues to serve the kingdom of God by encouraging and ministering to men with substance abuse issues all over the country as they work to be free of addiction. He has found a church home at the New Samaritan Baptist Church in Washington DC under the leadership of Michael V. Kelsey, Sr., and is no longer running from the calling of God on his life.


  1. William Sanders says:

    Your story imwill touch many pein the struggle called life. I as a friend and someone who is wooed by your success from the darks side of life to the light of the Lord that shines on you. I love you brother and am proud to have you in my life. More proud that you care enough to reach out to all of us with similar struggles. Your dear friend… Ready.

  2. Ernestine Walden Smith says:

    Look at GOD! Abraham I always knew GOD had something special he wanted you to do. Ephesians. 2:10 say “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do good things HE planned for us long ago. Just continue to do what He planned and everything else is history. I am so proud of you and I am glad you answered the CALL OF OUR MASTER. Love you cuz. You know Grandmother is smiling down on you!

  3. Daniels Flowers says:

    Brother you are truly an inspiration!!! May God continue to use you.

  4. Warren "Whimp" Anthony says:

    God’s Blessing upon you, and, your family, brother “Leeee-coln”. We traveled thick together during our formative youth years, and, you always had vision, drive and determination. Although we went separate ways, during our young adult/adult years, reading your book will allow me to catch up on your life’s journey then. But, knowing you, Abe, and, now with Christ resting, ruling and abiding in your life, I know your/our latter years will be even sweeter than what we can imagine…Much Love Bruh!

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