Alaina Hunt

Love Letters to God
30 Days of Strengthening and Building a Closer Relationship with God

Sometimes in life we find ourselves so consumed with life’s routines and problems that we forget to tap into our ultimate source of hope, love, healing, and encouragement.

Love Letters to God is a 30-day journey to strengthening and building a closer relationship with God, the Father. Each day provides you with a prayer, meditation, and reflection to help you refocus your attention on God’s will for your life. Come along with Alaina as she walks out this journey to draw closer to God, and encourages you to write your own love letters.

About the Author

Alaina Hunt grew up in the small town of Goose Creek, South Carolina. There, she was taught the life lessons of hard work and staying humble.

In 1996, she joined the United States Army to explore the world and broaden her knowledge of people. In 2001, she moved to Maryland, by way of the military, and found love. There, she began to build her life with her husband and church family. From her union with her husband, Maurice, God blessed them with 4 loving children, whom she is so proud of.

Alaina is now a disabled veteran working for the Lord. She strives to be the best daughter and servant unto God, the best wife to her husband, and the best mother to her children, understanding that they are all watching her walk. She is a licensed Evangelist, and her pursuit and relationship with God is first and foremost. She hopes that her body of work will help others find a place of safety and peace in God.