A.M. Morning

Shades of Blu

Most little girls grow up playing with baby dolls, having tea parties, and fantasizing about who they’ll marry when they grow up, but not poor little Blu. She spends her time learning hard lessons from the constant drama surrounding her. Resented by her delusional teenage mother and abandoned by her skirt chasing daddy, she tries to figure out life as a throwaway child.

There’s hope when her pistol-toting, switch-blade carrying, Jesus loving grandparents step in to raise her. But, the pain of her childhood still manages to take her on a twisted journey into young adulthood as she pursues love and protection.

About the Author

A.M. Morning was born in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area in the early ’70s. As a child, she had a vivid imagination and discovered her gift for storytelling.

Life wasn’t always kind to A.M., but she persevered through her wins and losses using reading and writing as a way of escape and a form of therapy. Today she can be found all around the DMV continuing her love for storytelling through various mediums.