I Am Abraham


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I Am Abraham is the story of Abraham L. Henderson, who was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to gospel singer William Henderson and his wife, Dorothy Henderson. Once divorced, William left the family, leaving young Abraham and his siblings, Gwen, and Bill, to be raised by their mother in the Pittsburgh area. After being teased about his name on the first day of school, Abraham finds himself in a downward spiral of anger and self-hate. Determined to change his name, Abraham turns to the streets of Pittsburg to reinvent himself as Lee, the character that everyone seemed to love. However, when a fight lands him in juvenile jail indefinitely, Abraham is left to re-think his choices and path for life.

After finding favor with the parole board and winning his freedom, Abraham is given another chance at life. But the new lease only led him back to a long-term stint in street life. As Abraham rolls into adulthood, he finds himself caught between the life he has known as a drug dealer and the constant call of God on his life. The struggle becomes even more real after one sample of the hottest new drug becomes his new addiction. With his marriage, family, and life now turned upside down, Abraham is left to contend for his faith, life, and redemption.

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