Love Letters to God

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Sometimes in life we find ourselves so consumed with life’s routines and problems that we forget to tap into our ultimate source of hope, love, healing, and encouragement.


Love Letters to God is a 30-day journey to strengthening and building a closer relationship with God, the Father. Each day provides you with a prayer, meditation, and reflection to help you refocus your attention on God’s will for your life. Come along  with Alaina as she walks out this journey to draw closer to God, and encourages you to write your own love letters.

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3 reviews for Love Letters to God

  1. Golda Gordon (verified owner)

    I am so thankful for this Woman of God ability to sit, listen, and pen this book. My spirit soaks up every word of love that she lavishes upon our God and Lord. Honest confession; I love to read, but rarely do the written assignments at the end of the chapters. Not this book … I am all in. Each chapter has become a journal where I find myself writing my own love notes to God as He whispers to me; drawing my heart closer to His. I become a participant and find myself responding verbally and audibly in agreement “yes” and coming into agreement “that’s how I feel” or at times a conviction that I want to get to that point. It is a book that I am absolutely certain I will read and reflect upon again and again and again. As you read, I am sure you will feel the same. A great investment for your spiritual library or as a gift.

  2. Brenda (verified owner)

    Love letters to God, is an awesome resource that encourages faith believiers to desire a closer walk with God. As you read each devotion; they inspire us to deepen our relation with God, to be more obedient, to surrender all to God our Father. To walk in the righteous path without spots or blemish. The prayers are heartfelt, touching and true. I feel a strong, and true compassion for God. That’s what strengths the read especially, for the times we are living in.

  3. Rhonda Johnson (verified owner)

    It makes a tremendous difference when you know the background and/or life living of someone who has music out there. I like to watch the videos to see what’s behind the music. Now with this author, Alaina, I know her background and where she’s coming from because I watched her grow into an anointed woman of God. She lives the life that she wrote about in this book. It will help enhance your walk with Christ. I know her because her father and I raised her in the way of the Lord. Not saying she lived a life walking with God all her life. But I know there has been a calling on her life. And God is using her obedience to Him to help us grow and be obedient. So yes these “Love Letters to God” are for real! God bless her works!

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