“T. Lynn Tate is an incredibly gifted storyteller. She combines her life stories into powerful and uplifting messages that have a way of capturing and connecting with her audiences.”  –  Donna Hopkins, Founder and CEO, Hopkins Breast Cancer Inc.

“T. Lynn Tate always has an encouraging word. There’s a reassuring calm call to action in her voice as she encourages you. You walk away knowing without a shadow of a doubt, she truly wants to see you succeed.” – S. M. Cook, Founder KEOMworks

“As, T. Lynn Tate explores issues that ultimately are of broad importance to us all, her fluid, familiar, and entertaining style, makes it easy to journey with her as we become more aware of ourselves and the lives we live with others.”Lelani Downer, Writer & Producer

“T. Lynn Tate is a dynamic powerhouse with the ability to provoke thought while delivering easily understood and applicable content.” – Victor Vaughan, Ambassador Wakaya Perfection