Upcoming Retreat

Qui 2 Life Publishing is proud to present the Penned The Writer’s Utopia Writing Retreat. It’s time for Yah’s (God’s) Kingdom Scribes to get in position and AND Write what Yah (God) has told you. No more excuses, distractions, or delays. The time is now! 

Join T. Lynn Tate, The Story Midwife, and her co-facilitators, Wynne Briscoe and Tania Easterling, for time away to Focus, Hear from Yah (God), and Write. This 3-day retreat will be packed with sessions that will:

  • Help you break through the barriers that are preventing you from writing your story and testimony.
  • Help you understand Yah’s assignment for your life as His Kingdom Scribe.
  • Position you to birth-write the stories Yah has placed in your belly.

All this, while allowing you time and space to write and reflect.

Who should attend this event?

  • Black Christian Women who know that Yah has called them to write their story/testimony but feel overwhelmed with thoughts of how, when, and what Yah wants you to share, because “you” feel you aren’t a writer.
  • Black Christian Women Writers who are in need of a refreshing as Yah shifts and realigns your assignment.
  • Black Christian Women Writers whose posture is, “Nevertheless, the will of Yah be done.”

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Registration & Rooming

The Retreat will be held at the National Conference Center located in Leesburg, VA.

Registration is $749, which is all inclusive of your conference fee, room & board, and meals. However, each attendee will be responsible for incidentals at the time of check-in.
Registration fees can be paid in full or through payment installments provided by Afterpay. Simply select Afterpay at the time of checkout.

Information for optional Ground Transportation from local airports is available upon request.

Now that you have more information, what are you waiting for? Someone is waiting on your obedience.

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